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展销店位于活跃的苏豪区,占地 800 平方米,由 Boffi | Boffi | DePadova Style Office 和创意团队共同设计。

Flagship Store


  • 31 1/2 Greene Street
    10013 New York


Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00

Saturday 11:00 – 18:00


展销店位于活跃的苏豪区,占地 800 平方米,由 Boffi | Boffi | DePadova Style Office 和创意团队共同设计。Boffi Soho 分为两层,室内层高较高,展示了具有高技术特性的步入式衣柜系统、浴室和厨房家具、来自 De Padova 和 MA/U Studio 的现代家具、Time & Styl 的日本传统主题系列以及 ADL 的建筑分区系统。室内框架的无烟煤灰色光影,凸显了这些墙壁之间各类组合的多样性。

Boffi | DePadova 的每一个方案都符合公司的独特理念,即在功能和现代设计方法之间建立和谐的关系。其目的是传达一个关于真实住宅的综合项目、一种生活方式概念,其中包括精致的室内装饰的详细愿景,这在该集团在全球的许多创意设计中可以看到。


The Boffi Soho team collaborates with clients and trade professionals from start to finish. From concept development and technical requirements to financial considerations and scheduling needs, Boffi offers a comprehensive support network through project completion.

Boffi Soho employs the latest software and IT equipment to ensure quick, precise and thorough design development and execution. Upon client request the Boffi team will provide technical and physical assistance to contracted specialists hired to implement Boffi’s Kitchen, Bath and Wardrobe systems. The typical installation period for an average-sized Boffi system is approximately 3-4 working days, and formulated to suit the client’s timeline and preferences. Boffi will supply a team of trained professionals to execute all installation aspects.

There is a 3-year guarantee on Boffi Kitchen, Bath and Wardrobe systems. For electrical appliances, all after-sale service and guarantees will be covered by the manufacturer as applicable. Maintenance and after-sales service of Boffi cabinetry under guarantee will be performed free of charge. Should you need assistance after the 3-year warranty period, our Customer Service can help you with replacement parts and adjustments of any kind. An appointment with a technician will be scheduled to assess the problem. (write to )

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