Boffi London (Wigmore)

随着英国第一家Boffi展厅的成功推出,Boffi Wigmore于2011年开业,为克拉肯韦尔和伦敦市中心的设计社区提供了一个便利的目的地。

Negozio Boffi Londra Wigmore
Flagship Store


  • 25 Wigmore St.
    W1U 1PN London


Monday – Friday 09:30 – 17:30


随着英国第一家Boffi展厅的成功推出,Boffi Wigmore于2011年开业,为克拉肯韦尔和伦敦市中心的设计社区提供了一个便利的目的地。Boffi Wigmore的3000平方英尺的空间保留了许多时代特色。一楼为Boffi时尚现代的厨房提供了引人注目的环境,而地下一层则有两个原始的银行金库,展示了浴室和衣柜系列。展厅为挑剔的客户提供最高水平的支持,从最初的设计到项目管理、安装和售后服务。Boffi英国团队在Boffi意大利总部接受了内部培训,由建筑师和室内设计师组成,提供定制解决方案和技术经验,将各种住房需求转化为实用设计;因此,每个项目都根据客户的需求量身定制,考虑到高度实用的因素和对设计的直觉感受。


The Boffi Chelsea and the Boffi Wigmore teams collaborate with clients and trade professionals from start to finish. From concept development and technical requirements to financial considerations and scheduling needs, Boffi offers a comprehensive support network through project completion

Boffi Chelsea and Boffi Wigmore employ the latest software and IT equipment to ensure quick, precise and thorough design development and execution. Upon client request the Boffi team will provide technical and physical assistance to contracted specialists hired to implement Boffi’s Kitchen, Bath and Wardrobe systems. The typical installation period for an average-sized Boffi system is approximately 3-4 working days, and formulated to suit the client’s timeline and preferences. Boffi will supply a team of trained professionals to execute all installation aspects.

There is a 3-year guarantee on Boffi kitchen cabinetry. For electrical appliances, all after-sale service and guarantees will be covered by the manufacturer as applicable. Maintenance and after-sales service of Boffi cabinetry under guarantee will be performed free of charge.

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