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Boffi Copenhagen 位于布雷德加德的一幢经典建筑中。深色的花岗岩外墙发散出一种特殊的信号。

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  • Bredgade, 32
    1260 Copenhagen


Tuesday – Friday 11:00 – 18:00

Saturday 10:00 – 15:00


Boffi Copenhagen 位于布雷德加德的一幢经典建筑中。深色的花岗岩外墙发散出一种特殊的信号。我们的厨房、浴室和衣柜模型由世界著名的建筑师打造,而且以区别于其他品牌的哲学为基础。Boffi 的原则是将功能性与不断发展的、高度现代化的当代设计相协调,因此,每一个模型都是简约且功能强大的。最终形成体现卓越设计和创新功能的最新产品。我们的目标是协调和调整您的项目,使其与背景和环境相适应,无论是在现代玻璃幕墙的高层建筑,还是经典的联排别墅中。展厅所展示的产品会定期更换,以提供意大利最新、最具创新性的厨房、衣柜和浴室解决方案,从而激发有选择意识和设计意识的消费者的灵感。两扇大窗户通向一个令人印象深刻的房间,房间高达 5 米,宏伟庄严,而附属建筑物给人一种不同的感觉:在更具家庭特征的环境中,获得厨房和浴室解决方案的浓缩体验。该展厅与世界上其他由 Boffi 市场营销部与 Piero Lissoni 合作设计的 Boffi 展销店一样。内部漆成低调的灰色,突出了各种环境和结构。Boffi 的每一个组成部分以及组成之间的相互作用,都展现出了 Boffi 的全面宽度,无论是每个部分本身,还是作为私人住宅完整解决方案的全球供应商。训练有素的建筑师团队随时准备激发您的灵感,指导您在广泛的产品范围中进行选择,并为您提供技术和常规设计解决方案。


We can draw up a plan of your project using plans provided by either you or your architect. Often we visit the site to take measurements and get a sense of the possibilities. In cooperation with you or your architect we make a detailed list of specifications that will cover all aspects of your project, including technical requirements, aesthetic concerns, financial considerations and scheduling needs.

We use the latest software and IT equipment to ensure quick and accurate designs. Our service, if requested, may include consultation and technical assistance to companies/craftsmen which you hire to make preparations for the installation of your new kitchen or bathroom products.

Our team of installers will work according to a schedule laid out together with you. The expected installation time for a kitchen usually is 3-4 working days. There is a 3 year guarantee on the Boffi kitchen collection. For electrical appliances, all after-sales services and guarantees will be covered by the manufacturer. Maintenance and after-sales services of Boffi cabinetry within guarantee will be performed free of charge.


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